Friday, 7 May 2010

First Green MP!

HURRAH!! As a follow up to my post last week about the importance of positivity and pressing forward, I had to take this moment to celebrate the fact that about an hour ago the Green Party won their first ever seat in Parliament in the UK's General Election! This is absolutely momentous. Having an MP in parliament who is representing the concerns of vegans, vegetarians, environmentalists, and anyone concerned about fairness and social justice, is an incredibly exciting prospect! Well done to Caroline Lucas, and to all those who have supported her and the party. A ray of hope in an otherwise depressing election night.
News story here:
Proof that things CAN change, and we don't have to accept the mainstream parties. GO GREEN!


  1. Nice to find another Christian vegan out there. I feel pretty lonely out in the blogosphere sometimes

  2. Hi Renee, lovely meet you! It's always great to connect with other people who feel the same way about this issue, and I'm finding through the writing of this blog that there are more of us out there than I first thought!

    Thank you for your comment, and also for your wonderful blog - your trip to Israel looked amazing!

  3. As far as representing vegans goes, there are three vegan MPs in the current parliament. Caroline Lucas is only vegetarian, a subject on which I'm told she's teased by a vegan MP.

    You might find my account of the last election interesting:


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