Sunday, 31 October 2010

We've 'bean' there! Veggie restaurant hunting in beautiful Cornwall

Apologies to you all for the massive lack of posts over the summer months. I have absolutely no excuse for this, and can only hope that a few of you are still following the blog and will be interested in the news I bring: It’s about yummy things!

My husband and I went to St. Ives in Cornwall recently, and happened upon (oh alright, we found it using Google*) a lovely little veggie restaurant that was a real treat to visit: The Bean Inn. It looked a bit weird and not very restaurant-y from the outside (I am convinced this is a trademark of vegetarian restaurants! Having the courage to walk through the door is almost like an initiation), but inside it was absolutely lovely: Fairy lights, cosy tables, candles, and above all, superb service. And did I mention the chocolate mudpie?! (I am still in disbelief that this dessert is vegan...)

Because the food was so yummy we decided to buy the recipe book, which turned out to also be a lovely account of how the restaurant came to be. You can buy the book from their website, as well as finding out general info about the restaurant itself:

Perhaps it’s just me, but discoveries like these make my holiday; I already have so many special memories of veggie restaurants I’ve visited with my husband. When we’re away, finding the local vegetarian restaurant becomes almost like a pilgrimage!

I hope that one day veggie restaurants will be the norm, and compassionate cooking will be what society demands. Until then, I’ll enjoy supporting those people who share my belief that the way we eat should be reflective of our values.

I’d like to open a vegan restaurant myself one day; that’s the dream!

Stay vegan and green and chocolate mudpie-ed out.

Autumnal love to you all.

* Using veggie restaurant search engine Veggie Heaven.

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