Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dolphins and Chocolate

Two things I've been thinking about lately: Dolphins and chocolate (not necessarily together, though I'm sure dolphins like chocolate).  Did anybody manage to catch the incredible episode of 'Ocean Giants' on BBC1 on Sunday night?  Featuring some breathtaking cinematography, the show presented the mounting evidence that supports the theory that dolphins have the capacity for empathy, since they seem to be able to recognise their own image in a mirror.  Since swimming with wild dolphins has been a dream of mine for a few years now, I abolsutely loved the programme, and wanted to highlight how fascinating (and beautiful!) it is for any UK followers out there that missed it.  It is available on iplayer for another week or so:


Also, it's been a great week for chocolate (is there ever a bad one?!).  I recently discovered the absolutely delicious 'Organic Meltdown' chocolate:  Fairtrade, organic, vegetarian society approved (and my bar was gluten free and vegan approved), and every bar saves a tree in the tropical forests of Ecuador.  What's not to like?! I'm telling you, this is the chocolate of heroes.  I had the dark chocolate with sweet candied orange - vegan bliss.

On the inside of the packet you get a code which allows you to visit the site online and 'keep tabs' on the tree you've saved (whatever that means!).  It also says:

'By choosing this bar of Swiss made chocolate you've already saved a tree and with it the lives of hundreds of creatures.  The tropical rainforest of Ecuador is a buzzing, squawking, howling den of diversity and beauty - home to some of the world's most interesting species but also some of the most endangered.  It is vital to the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystem and therefore imperative that they are protected.  Our goal is to save 5 million trees in Ecuador by 2012, helping to breath life into areas whose futures are currently uncertain.'

Sounds great, doesn't it?  Go on, have an Organic Meltdown...


I'm off to stay at a vegan B&B in Paris for a few days (a PhD student's life is a hard one!).  I will, of course, be back with a review, and hopefully pictures of yummy vegan food.

Peace and love to you all

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