Friday, 3 April 2009

It's all in the job description...

I still can’t quite figure out why the issue of factory farming and its effects - on animals, the environment, and on people - is something most Christians tend not to talk about, let alone make a stand on. Whilst I can find a lot of online communities of Christians who feel the same way about this issue as I do (look to your right for a couple of websites and blogs), I have yet to hear it discussed in church. (But yeah, okay, I haven’t been in a while...)

So, the opportunity to discuss this with other Christians is always brilliant. Thank you to Jon Birch for doing this cartoon, winding me up a bit, and generally giving me a chance to talk through my stance on this with other Christians. The cartoon and the discussion about it can be seen at this link:

Get involved!

Also, here's a great blog post by Greg Boyd about why he felt it was God's will for him to be a vegetarian:

How fantastic it would be if Christians were associated with caring for the environment and those in it, rather than just people belonging to an institution with a set of rules. Our faith in God should inspire us to live out that faith by loving all He has made, and living peacefully, not simply succumbing to the consumerism that seems to be choking the planet, and our hearts.
We are stewards of creation - what a wonderful job title that is!

Let's embrace it and get to work.

Peace and love

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